Our favorite way to explore the local coast, new set ups and hidden spots? On foot. Trail running has helped us stay conditioned between swells and enables us to test our high output gear day after day.

Here’s our recommendations for gear to hit the local trail.

Trail Running In Hawaii

The new AIRTEX 2-in-1 shorts and the AIRTEX short sleeve shirts are must-haves for high performance activities. They are a perfect mix of sun protection, breathability and style. The AIRTEX unstructured hat tops off the kit perfectly.

Trail Running Kit
Airtex Shirt
Airtex 2-in-1 Short

We love the Salomon Adv Skin series for trail running storage and hydration. It is one of the best-designed and finely-crafted pieces of kit and does exactly what it needs to without ever feeling like it’s in the way. The perfect storage for long pushes.

A smart phone, smart watch, heart rate monitor, and strava will become your best friend. All super important to keep track of your progress and get found if you get lost. If you’re on Strava, join us in the Florence Endurance Project.

M-Experiment Gigawatt Sunglasses

We like the M-Experiement Gigawatts because they’re lightweight, polarized and make you look fast – even if you’re going slow.

Function over fashion. The Injinji toe socks save your toes from blistering. Made from merino wool these socks have amazing moisture management, breathability and odor resistance.

VivoBarefoot Trail Shoes

If you’re part of the barefoot movement, the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Knit FG are for you. They have a knit upper that’s super breathable, a firm ground outsole, and a quick-lace system to make quick and easy adjustments.

Trail Running Essentials

When you’re out for several hours, you need to be prepared for everything. Here are a few of our favorite things we have tucked away in our vest.

  • Gels: fuel is super important. We like Honey Stinger, Maurten and BPN.
  • Toilet Paper in a ziplock bag: When nature calls, you better be ready to answer.
  • Med Kit: We like customizing one to stuff you’ll actually use. Think blister tape, a blade, advil and chafe cream.
  • Squirrel Nut Butter - Butter for those spots that rub. A real lifesaver.
  • Florence Parachute Ultralight Packable Jacket - With how small this packs and how light it is, it’s hard to not always keep this in your vest. We love starting the cold mornings with this on and packing it away after we warm up.
  • Bandana - A cloth bandana can be used for a million things, always nice to have to rub sweat away, keep you cool, or add some extra sun protection.

Trail Running in Hawaii

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